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Are you tired of paying a fortune every month just to make phone calls? Follow these tips to lower your cell phone bill.

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Whenever it’s available, try to stay on a Wi-Fi connection – especially at work or at home. Avoid streaming or downloading any music, movies, or podcasts unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi. The fees for using excessive data adds up quickly, and some providers even charge you around $15 the instant you cross your limit. Ensure that you stay within your monthly data limit when you use cellular data. Some carriers also send you alerts when you’re close to crossing your limit. Sign up for them.

Limit Background Data Use

Did you know that even if you don’t use the internet when you’re on the go, your apps might use it in the background? Go to your settings and turn off background data usage. If you want to use a particular app, you can always turn on cellular data when needed.

Use Your Employee Discount

To lower your cell phone bill, find out if your company offers a corporate discount. You can also check if they provide reimbursement for using your phone for work (calls, emails, etc.) You might be able to write off some of your costs when tax time rolls around if you’re using your phone for a side hustle or home business.

Buy A No-Contract Phone

One way cell phone companies make a lot of money is through contracts. To buy a contract phone through a company, you generally need to sign a contract for two or three years to use their network. If you try to switch carriers, they’ll hit you with an exorbitant cancellation fee. Instead, opt for no-contract phones that have been gently used. These phones are unlocked (can be used with any carrier). You can browse online and even find cheaper phone models. This won’t get you the newest or hottest phone in the market, but it can help you save money by giving you the flexibility to choose and switch between carriers.