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Best Solutions For Small Businesses This Year

Building replicable systems and a productive team in today’s time-sensitive business world is crucial. This is where great project tools and solutions could make your job easier. Here’s a list of top solutions that could help your business:


Whether you’re a one-man army or a large team, Trello is a project management tool that will help you manage personal and team projects. Visual learners can quickly adapt to its features, and it’s easy to use. For each project, you can create a board, add a card, and assign it to a team member.

Takeaway Features

  • Easy tagging of team members in a task
  • Multiple device availability
  • Free version
  • Supports other online solutions and storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more
  • Has its own dedicated app


Evernote allows you to collect, nurture, and share ideas with your team, by helping you organize pinned articles and use virtual notebooks. Although its features might be overwhelming for those who aren’t digitally savvy, you’ll find it useful once you adapt to its overall user design interface. Download the browser extension and start pinning articles in a virtual notebook, add a tag and file it. The premium version also gives you offline access to notebooks.

Takeaway Features

  • Work chat for team collaboration
  • Tags for pinned articles and organizing notebooks
  • Up to 60 MB monthly upload limit (free version)
  • Advanced business solutions and more upload capacity (premium version)

Google Drive

If you’re not a fan of the monthly subscription of Microsoft Office, you can opt to create documents and presentations on Google Drive. It offers 30GB of free storage. As you work online, this cloud-based business tool saves a lot of disk space on your computer. You can also share documents as you write them, edit and revise content, and create a pitch deck and work in real-time with your team. What’s more, you can conveniently save all your files on the cloud.

Takeaway Features

  • No software needs to be installed
  • Tracks revisions on files
  • Easy collaboration and file-sharing
  • Works like Microsoft Office
  • Autosave feature

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