SUVs vs Sedans – Which One Should You Buy?

For a while, SUVs have been the go-to choice for most car buyers. After all, they offer more cargo room, an elevated seating position, and look great. However, if you primarily drive within the city, a sedan may be a more practical option. Here, we look at how the two types of vehicles compare.


Sedans, being a lot lighter and more aerodynamic, can help you weave in and out through traffic on city streets. They’re also easier to park, compared to SUVs. Many new sedans also come with all-wheel drive, making them easier to drive in inclement weather as well.

Many SUVs, today, have a car-like foundation, making them easier to handle compared to models from a few years back. That said, they have a higher center of gravity which could make handling a little tricky for new drivers.

Cargo Room

Sedans have a trunk, and this is especially useful if you want to keep your valuables in your car safely locked away. Some sedans like the Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu offer more trunk space.

However, you really can’t beat an SUV when it comes to cargo room. Also, many models also come with foldable or removable rear seats, which can help increase the amount of cargo storage space. What’s more, SUVs can also tow large loads.


Sedans are a lot easier to maneuver, compared to SUVs, thus, helping you swerve quickly to avoid an accident.

But, the sheer size of an SUV helps it come out of an accident in better condition. Also, the elevated seating position can help you avoid accidents since it gives you a better view of the road and the other vehicles around you.


The smaller the car, the cheaper it is to build. Given this, sedans are offered at a much more affordable price point. They’re also cheaper to insure.

In comparison, SUVs are a lot more expensive to buy and insure. And, although they have become more fuel-efficient over the years, they still can’t match the gas mileage of sedans.


Sedans are comfortable. However, if you have many co-passengers, the drive can start to feel a little cramped.

SUVs, in comparison, offer a lot more legroom, making it a more comfortable option. Most SUVs can also comfortably fit four or more co-passengers easily.

While both cars have their pros and cons, you’ll need to assess your requirements and budget and make a decision accordingly.

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