How To Maintain Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids allow you to experience life to the fullest every day. The following preventative maintenance and care tips can help prevent malfunction and ensure things stay that way.

Store In A Dry Place

Hearing aids contain some very sophisticated technology and circuitry in a tiny shell, which can be damaged if exposed to moisture. If you live in a humid area, consider storing your devices in a specialized hearing aid dehumidifier. If they come in contact with water, dry it immediately using a towel.

Even with water-resistant hearing aids, it is recommended that you remove them when showering or swimming.

Check The Batteries Often

If left in for a long time, batteries can corrode and damage your hearing aid. Remember to leave the battery door open when devices are not in use to prevent moisture from staying trapped in. If you aren’t going to be using your hearing aids for a few days, temporarily remove the batteries. Also, clean the battery contacts in your devices with a dry cotton swab to avoid poor connection and lower performance.

Keep Devices Free Of Earwax

Earwax causes decreased performance in hearing aids. Make sure to clean yours every night before going to bed using a dry cotton swab or a soft toothbrush. This little step will help you prolong the life of your hearing aids.

Change Your Wax Filter

The wax filter prevents wax from reaching and damaging the internal components of your hearing aid. Replace it whenever you begin to see buildup. Ask your local hearing healthcare provider to help you pick the right replacement and show you how to change it for your specific device.

Handle Your Hearing Aids With Care

Although hearing devices these days are a lot more durable, they should never be kept within the reach of children or animals. Always hold them securely to avoid dropping them, and set them on a soft towel when changing the batteries or cleaning them.

Schedule Routine Professional Cleanings

Make sure to get your hearing aids properly checked by a professional every 4-6 months. They might be able to spot potential problems, fix things, and make adjustments to your devices to better suit your needs.

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